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Welcome to Sunworld

Look Good & Feel Good

In the heart of Takapuna for more then 15 years, Sunworld offers supreme tanning technology with high quality Ergoline sunbeds, UV & Red Light Tanning Beds and Collagen Beds (completely UV-Free). The Choice is yours.


Our friendly tanning consultants are trained to give you the most professional advice on tanning and how to tan in a controlled environment.

Sunworld Tanning Studio is licensed and we are operating strictly under the Auckland Council Health & Hygiene Bylaw 2013


We really care about your tanning experience, your first visit involves a free consultation, a skin type assessment and a tanning schedule best suited to your tanning needs.

No appointment needed!

Golden Rules on Tanning
  • You must be over 18 years to use our sunbeds

  • People with fair skin who burn easily will not permitted to use a sunbed

  • Always use protective goggles provided while tanning

  • Never use a sunbed when you are on photosensitive medication

  • There is a minimum of 48 hours between tanning sessions

  • Every new client must complete a consultation and skin type assessment form before using our sunbeds

  • Your tanning time at our place depends on your skin type, UV output of the sunbed and tanning history

  • Tanning is a gradual process. Every person tans at a different rate. It takes 3 - 4 sessions before seeing a colour change

  • Depending on your skin type you should tan 1 session every second or third day for 8 - 10 sessions to build a base tan. When having reached your desired skin colour, the achieved tan can be maintained easily by tanning once a week

Sunworld is licenced & operating under the Auckland Council Health and Hygiene Bylaw 2013.  All our staff are fully trained Tanning Consultants.





UV & Red Light Tanning:

Collagen Bed - Full Body Red Light Treatment:

Recommended for advanced tanners

  3 minutes     $10.00

  6 minutes     $14.00

  9 minutes     $18.00

12 minutes     $22.00

15 minutes     $26.00

18 minutes     $30.00

  3 minutes     $14.00

  6 minutes     $18.00

  9 minutes     $22.00

12 minutes     $26.00

15 minutes     $30.00

15 minutes     $30.00


Concession Cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase

UV-Tanning and UV & Red Light Tanning:

  60 minutes     $95.00     Saving $15.00*

  90 minutes     $135.00   Saving $30.00*

120 minutes     $175.00   Saving $45.00*

180 minutes     $245.00   Saving $85.00*


*Savings example: Compared to 12 minute casual session on Regular UV-Tanning  beds

Collagen Bed - Full Body Red Light Treatment:

  5 sessions*         $130.00   Saving $20.00**

10 sessions*         $230.00   Saving $70.00**

20 sessions*         $420.00   Saving $180.00**

*each session is 15 minutes

**Savings: Compared to 15 minute casual session 


“Fantastic service. Extremely high standard of customer care. Very professional assessment of skin type prior to tanning. Super Clean.”


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