Instantly Black Dark Bronzer - 50xx Ultra Black DHA Bronzing Lotion



Instantly Black will get you immediately dark with this 50xx Ultra Black DHA Bronzing formula. Powerful tan accelerators with Instant and extended bronzers deliver photo ready colour. A rich blend of Coconut, Chamomile and Cocoa Seed Butter helps replenish moisture leaving it feeling incredibly silky, soft and smooth.


Features & Benefits: 

  • Ultra Dark Black 50XX DHA Bronzers provides deep, dark colour that continues to develop after UV exposure
  • Cosmetic Bronzers provide instant colour
  • Tyrosine help skin prepare for maximum colour potential
  • Long lasting bronze colour
  • Coconut Oil


Fragrance: Cherry


To use: Apply immediately before tanning. Wash hands after use to avoid discolouration. This product does not contain sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. For indoor tanning use only.

Instantly Black Dark Bronzer

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